The 15-minute workouts you'll do to sculpt a leaner, shapelier body are different from ordinary workouts. Instead of plodding along at one pace, you'll go fast rest, fast rest (interval training) in some workouts and do strength-training moves without sitting around between sets.

As opposed to ordinary workouts, three are things happening to your body when working out the superfast way:

1. The fast rest, fast rest technique increases production of lactic acid faster than your body can clear it. That, in turn, triggers the release of growth hormone, a powerful natural elixir that promotes weight loss and cranks your metabolism to race car speed. Just 30 seconds is enough to raise levels of growth hormone 530%!

2. You trigger the release of hormones like epinephrine, which stimulates fat release from your fat cells.

3. The program is designed to produce more fat-burning enzymes, so you burn that released fat, not stored carbohydrates!

Put that all together and you can see why your 15-minute workouts are so super-powerful at burning fat and giving you that new body you want! Start now with a FREE-preview copy of The Women's Health Big Book of 15-Minute WorkoutsCLICK HERE!

Your superfast 15-minute workouts have been designed in cooperation with leading trainers and exercise physiologists, road-tested by Women's Health editors, and validated by current research.

They're designed to produce superior results in a fraction of the time of ordinary exercise and even ignite an after-workout calorie burn equal to an ordinary workout lasting more than twice as long!

Dozens of superfast 15-minute workouts give you total freedom to pick 'n' choose, mix 'n' match. From total-body workouts to flat-belly workouts, with or without equipment and wherever you are — at home, at the office, even 35,000 feet in the air! — you'll never miss out or mess up!

Your 15-minute fast lane to the body of your dreams!